Crazy Horses

An augmented board game at Laval, done during a two weeks limited time competition. This project won the competition as well as the 2012 student competition at Laval Virtual, 2012

Horses Party is a new form of multitouch table game, which is modern equivalent of a popular French board game, Le Jeu de Petits Chevaux. The prominent feature of Horses Party is that it combines the conviviality of a classic board game with interactions in virtual environments; four players use tangible interfaces, which are real and simply recognizable objects, four pawns and a dice, while they virtually interact. In addition, extra features, such as mini games, animations and sound included to enhance the game’s versatility and visual pleasure.
My goal for this project was to lead the brainstorming session to refine this game as well as to design 4 areas of the game and their details.

©Laval Virtual 2012

Panic au Picnic

An augmented board game at Laval Virtual 2012, done during a 30 hours limited time competition. This project finished 3rd at the competition, 2012

This project was developed for a 30-hour competition during the Laval Virtual Student Challenge in France. The goal of this project was to create an innovative 3D application in 30 hours under a given set of objects and devices; choice of a wii remote, web cam and a Microsoft Kinect. Accordingly, we developed a game base on a concept of duels between humans and insects.
My work as one of the chief project members was to develop the initial ideas and refine its design as an interaction game via 3D modeling and texturing of the insects.

©Arthur Rabec-le Gloahec 2012